"DUOTONES" F/W 2021 Blend
"DUOTONES" F/W 2021 Blend

"DUOTONES" F/W 2021 Blend

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Region: Veracruz + Chiapas (MX)

Varietal: Caturra/Mundo Novo

Altitude: n/a

Process: Washed

Roast: Medium 

Notes: Cinnamon + Citrus + Chocolate + Florals


We're stoked to introduce “DUOTONES” our F/W 2021 Blend, a roast from two micro lots in Chiapas + Veracruz. We co-developed w/ our fam Flor & Seed 🇲🇽☕️💪🏽 ⁠Light, smooth, w/ well defined citrus notes 🍊🍋 specifically roasted w/ the Cold Brew aficionado in mind yet still super tasty when brewed hot.